A Cool Seating Experience

Continuing its passion in creating the ultimate seating experience for car passengers, the company has developed a new product that dramatically improves the comfort level of driving and travelling.
The PRO-Ventilation System adopts L.E.C.’s patented seat ventilation technology. Product research of this seat technology innovation began in 2003. Numerous studies were made on ideas to cool the seats of vehicles parked under the sun. Patent application was filed in 2005 and approved in April 2009.

The PRO-Ventilation System offers a host of cooling, health and safety benefits without sacrificing passenger space and the interior look. Essentially, the new technology involves a blower embedded at the seat cushion to let in cool air which comes out from the base of the seat, achieving the desired cooling effect in the shortest time possible.

A smart design using recyclable materials, the PRO-Ventilation System has
undergone stringent testing and is ISO certified.